5 Spectacular Places To See Cherry Blossom in Japan

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It’s spring time! You might be planning on picnic or camping over the weekends, or go for a walk in parks and garden in the UK or thinking what I should do with my Easter holiday, whether you should go abroad.

But where?

Where is the top destination to go to in Spring? What is the best thing to do in springtime you may wonder?

Flowers and Gardens are definitely one to feel the beauty of springtime when many beautiful flowers are blooming. The exciting news is cherry blossom in Japan is starting to bloom by the end of this month in March.

It is almost impossible to think of Japan without cherry blossom in springtime. You might see a few cherry trees in the UK but just imagine that you are inside the sea of fully bloomed pinky cherry blossom trees. 

It has been a long history for Japanese to enjoy amazing time and flower viewing under the cherry blossom trees and it had gain wide international fame for its beauty across the whole of Japan. Every year, people visits Japan in springtime with the purpose of admiring the sea of cherry blossom in the Cherry Blossom Festival.

What is the Cherry Blossom Festival?

Cherry Blossom is also called sakura. There has been a centuries old practice and tradition in Japan to do picnic and drinking sake under a blooming sakura and this practice is called “Hanami”. This tradition was said to have started back then in Nara Period (710-794 AD). While it is also common to celebrate Cherry Blossom festival during the night and it is called yozakura with paper lanterns hanging along the street.

5 spectacular spots to view Cherry Blossom in Japan

Between Late March and May, there are many beautiful places to see the cherry blossom trees and have picnic with sake like the locals.
Here are 5 of many stunning destination to admire cherry blossoms in Japan.

2017 First  to Full Blooming forecast (29 March 2017 update with Japanese Observatory forecast):

1. Meguro and Naka Meguro (Tokyo)

This is one of the most popular place to admire cherry blossom in Tokyo. There are cherry blossom trees and lanterns that light up in the evening along the Meguro canal.

We suggest you to walk along the river from Naka Meguro station to Meguro Meguro station. You can make stop at the Nakameguro Park to do hanami (picnic) under the cherry trees and explore the Sakura Bashi bridge near by.

2. Lake Biwa Canal (Kyoto)

There are around 660 cherry trees growing along the canal in the vicinity of the first tunnel, it is a nice walk and magical moments to share with your friends and family.

3. Osaka Castle Park (Osaka)

There are over 4000 cherry trees in the Osaka Castle Park, it is a particularly nice place for picnic and admiring the cherry tree with the castle tower light up in the evening.

4. Sagano Scenic Railway (Sagano)

Ride on the Sagano Railway and see the cherry blossom view along the track.

5. Itsukushima Shrine (Miyajima)

You can enjoy the cherry blossom sceneries with the amazing historical shrine standing at the sea.

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Think you may be missing out on 2017 cherry blossom festival? Don’t worry! You’re always welcome to give us a ring and tailor your journey in 2018.

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